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Shrug Island - The Meeting

A game about reconnecting friendship, nature and hidden pasts

Available now on: itch.io and Steam

"Shrug Island - The Meeting draws the player into its colorful world, then lets them free to see what music can do in this enchanted place. While it can be finished quickly, it's well worth your while to lose yourself in its sights and sounds ."

"the way Shri and Li assist one another with minimal communication make it feel like a lesson in how we are still connected even when distant. The way shared experiences can result in a shared dialect no matter how far removed."

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Ch 1 - The Meeting

In this first chapter, the Watcher, keeper of the Island’s balance, is losing his powers and calls for help. You play two separated Shrug friends, Li and Shri, as they heed his call while exploring the changed home they've been away from for a season. Shri transforms his surroundings by playing music, Li reveals a hidden layer of the world where forgotten things lie. Using their skills they awaken the Island’s living world on their journey towards each other.

"Shrug Island is a relaxing spiritual experience transmitting positive feelings: beauty, love, friendship, empathy, harmony with nature, childhood nostalgia."

"Shrug Island looks like it will join the prestigious ranks of recent hand-drawn adventure games like Machinarium and The Inner World."

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