IndieCade Europe

Nov. 30, 2016

Shrug Island - The Meeting, had the privilige of being selected to showcase at IndieCade Europe and the honor of winning the festival's Developer's Choice Award. We were delighted to meet such inspiring independent game developers, researchers and supporters at the event. It's a great motivation to be part of a community of passionate people dedicated to making a difference through this medium as we move into the last stretch of development.

Testing Shrug Island at IndieCade EU

Lukkif Vocals for Shrug Island

May 27, 2016

We're delighted that Shrug Island will be featuring the voice of the Danish/Norwegian artist Lukkif. From a recording session and improvisations together, Michael is constructing elaborate harmonies to weave throughout scenes and our main character's Li’s vision mode in the game, to evoke the powerful subconscious and dream layers of this world. Vocals of the North return to the Island…

Lukkif Recording Shrug Island Vocals


Oct. 30, 2014

Welcome to the relaunch of the Shrug Island website. We're in the midst of production of Chapter 1, which is due to be released on desktop in early 2017. You can keep up with our progress on the usual social media channels (links in the side bar). If you'd like to receive a note when it's released, you can sign up to the Tiny Red Camel Announcement List. And if you'ld like to see the game on Steam you can vote on our Steam Greenlight page .

Update:We're happy to announce that the game has been Greenlit and you can now visit the Shrug Island Steam Store directly.